Gombi is a combinator-style scanner & parser library written in Go. It is practical, reasonably fast and extremely easy to use.

Quick start

go get -u h12.io/gombi


Combinator parsers are straightforward to construct, modular and easily maintainable, compared to parser generators like Lex/Yacc.

  • Internal DSL
    • no additional code generation and compilation.
  • Composable
    • a subset of the syntax tree is also a parser.
    • a language can be easily embedded into another one.

Gombi is inspired by but not limited to parser combinators. Unlike a combinator parser, Gombi neither limits its API to functional only, nor limits its implementation to functional combinators. Go is not a pure functional language as Haskell, so cloning a combinator parser like Parsec to Go will only lead to an implementaion much worse than Parsec. Instead, Gombi is free to choose any Go language structures that are suitable for a modular and convenient API, and any algorithms that can be efficiently implemented in Go.

Under development