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Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) Go SDK is a client SDK to access Aliyun OSS API, implemented in the Go programming language.


go get -u
go test -v -cover


  • Complete set of Aliyun OSS API
  • Thouroughly tested
    • 100% test coverage
    • intuitive table driven tests
    • full test suite completes within 2 seconds
  • Lint clean
    • golint
    • go fmt
    • goimports
    • go vet
    • race detector
  • Idiomatic & elegant
    • response is returned as a parsed object
    • error is returned as a Go error
    • named options for setting headers & parameters
  • Great extensibility
    • clean and orthogonal implementation
    • users can easily extend the SDK when a new API method is supported
  • No third party dependencies


Differences with Python SDK

  • HTTP header User-Agent, e.g. aliyun-sdk-go/0.1.1 (Linux/3.16.0-51-generic/x86_64;go1.5.1)
  • Go HTTP client does not support 100-Continue (will be supported after Go 1.6, see
  • HTTP header keys are automatically converted into canonical format, e.g. x-oss-acl becomes X-Oss-Acl
  • Go GET request does not have redundant “Content-Length: 0” header
  • Parameters will be omitted if the argument is not set
  • Go always sends URL parameters and headers in canonical order


licensed under the Apache License 2.0